Monday, October 12, 2009

114 - Eat HOTDOG

You already ate it! There is nothing left!

Although this gives you an idea. You're not sure what the ramifications of summoning matter from non-matter are, or whether there are any limitations on how much you can summon, but you decide to summon a second HOTDOG so you may sell it to the SALESPERSON. You congratulate yourself for the brilliant thought.

Unfortunately the SALESPERSON does not look interested in purchasing any comestibles you have. You barter for a while until he agrees to buy it for 5 GP. You then ask what wares he sells.


As mentioned earlier, the man deals in portable potables of various kinds. You are already familiar with HEALTH POTION (100 GP) and LOVE POTION (10,000 GP), and also available for purchase are CAN OF SODA (50 GP), BAUBLE OF SPARKING WATER (500 GP), and a GOURD (2000 GP).

The GOURD appears to be empty but refillable and able to carry multiple quantities of the other liquids. You are not sure what the purpose of the CAN OF SODA or the BAUBLE OF SPARKING WATER is, and the SALESPERSON is either unwilling to speak on the matter or doesn't know himself.

You have 6450 GP to spend.

Purchase GOURD


Anonymous said...

Mug the shopkeeper and take everything he's trying to sell.

Yevrah said...

NO. Don't mug the shopkeeper. Who knows how many well-armed BURLY GUARDs are hiding in a BACK ROOM or CELLAR.

Instead, buy (1) CAN OF SODA, (1) BAUBLE OF SPARKING WATER, and haggle the price down for (1) GOURD. Refillable containers are incredibly valuable.

I_S said...

Buy the GOURD, as it will be an important strategic resource. Also get 1 CAN OF SODA, to wash down the HOT DOG you ate.

Kenny1264 said...


Steven said...
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Steven said...
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Steven said...


(I'll get this comment right eventually!)

Zac said...

Stack coins into pose of 8-bit video game characters.


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