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Last Update: FRI 12/11/09, "Mumble incoherently"

NEWS: (12/14/09) Well I can't say I didn't warn of this day. I stood loyally with my picket sign outside telling that the end is near for months, and few have headed my warning. So now, as the apocalypse is upon us, I say...

Wait, the apocalypse isn't upon us?

Whoops, wrong blog. Forget I said anything.

So yep. SFD is over. Why? Several reasons. Part of the problem is with the way I set up the suggestions, and simple time management issues. Part of the problem was the story itself, which at times felt like it was either going away from the main plot, or was adhering it too closely (read: user suggestions were superfluous). It is difficult to write a story that strikes a balance between these two extremes. In fact, I believe my main problem was the writing itself; I always thought that my art was crap, and I needed to focus on that aspect, when in reality I couldn't write that much better, and the writing is much more significant to this mode of storytelling.

Why would anyone feel emotionally attached to a character the audience never sees directly? If I were to make a poll right now, I bet most people would vote for Pookie or Campfire Demon, or possibly the king or Professor Whipplesnapple. I don't know for sure, but what I do know is that nobody will vote for the protagonist. What seemed like a brilliant plot device turned out to be a terrible writing technique in the long run.

Why would anyone feel inclined to keep reading this gobbledygook? Wow, I can't believe Firefox accepts gobbledygook as a word... according to it's an actual word! But I digress. In the beginning I thought my humor would be enough to keep readers coming back, and I do believe my humor has been somewhat effective. But this isn't a typical newspaper comic strip, and so the humor is meaningless without a strong foundational basis to the storyline.

But enough of the bad news.

What all this means is that SFD was merely a learning experience; the REAL adventure begins now.

I am still figuring out which site service to use (currently it's between Smack Jeeves and Blogger) but either way I plan to use my forum more extensively in conjunction with the webcomic. You may reach me at the forum if you have any questions (link found below).

I encourage you all to sign up at the forum, although I will make sure that anyone can leave suggestions, not just those who are members.

Pie out.


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