Friday, October 9, 2009

113 - Observe crowd

No, the crowd is not moving! They are staying perfectly still! What a bunch of loonies! Unless a TIME WIZARD froze them all in time, but that is a silly concept, as TIME WIZARDS do not exist. These people are just morons, and you can't stand looking at them anymore, and there's no CHAIR nearby to sit in. Really, it's nauseating how stupid they are. It's almost enough to make you lose your lunch. Almost. But then you remember that you didn't have anything to eat today.

The GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH doesn't count. It was stale.

You should look into eating something, preferably edible. You seek out the cashier from the SHOP and see if he has anything to offer.


The salesman only deals in potables! Portable potables, that come in recyclable bottles. You recycled the bottles you used, right? You didn't just throw them away after using them, did you? No, you are sure that you did not. You are not wont to hold such brazen ideas in your head. Simply foolish.

Anyway, the man clearly does not sell food here.

However, you just remembered that you have a bevy of food summoning abilities! You decide to try out your latest one, SUMMON HOTDOG.


Oh what a delightful treat this is! Truly, the HOT DOG is the food of KINGS.



Anonymous said...

eat hotdog, trying not to think about what it's made of.

Kenny1264 said...

> Eat HotDog and ask salesman for a list of what he sells, and for how much.

I_S said...

Eat HOT DOG, hoping it's edible.

Then ask the cashier if he knows why everyone is being totally still.

Steven said...



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