Wednesday, October 7, 2009

112 - Gnaw off arm

You're not sure why you're considering gnawing off your own arm. It's been your right hand man throughout this entire adventure, and you can't imagine continuing without it. Although it does look pretty tasty, and smells divine...

Hold on, you have a spell prepared for just such an occasion. You cast Get Idiot's Finger Out of His Own Nose Spell (or GIFOHONS for short, as they like to refer to it in mage school). Eureka! No more finger in nose.

Just in time, too; Pookie was looking pretty hungry there.


You are back in the TOWN SQUARE.

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? If you didn't know any better you'd swear they haven't moved a hair since you last saw them. You can't get over how completely useless they all are.

Observe crowd


Steven said...

OBSERVE PEOPLE. See if they move.

Kenny said...

> Talk to the Cashier!

I_S said...

I second talking to the Shopkeeper. seeing as you just Narrowly avoided eating your own arm, maybe he has some food or something to sell, if you're THAT hungry.

Kenny1264 said...

Well, if the character is that hungry, then he could just summon some food.

> Summon Hotdog.

Zac said...

>Shout "Fire!"


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