Friday, September 11, 2009

101 - Explain what happened to guards

You calmly explain to the two shocked fellows what has transpired here. You tell of the BLIND ASSASSIN, how he stabbed everyone twice in the chest, and vanished before your very eyes. Clearly, these people died of stab wounds, and with your current weapon there is no way for you to have inflicted...



The two of them suddenly strike at you. The first one hits you dealing (4) damage, but you manage to adeptly block the second guard's blow with your shield. The two of them strike again, with similar consequences, and you take it upon yourself to strike back before you take any more damage.


This just isn't your day today.



Anonymous said...

Run away!!

I_S said...

Jump out the window, if there is one.

Ronald said...

Check the king's dead body. Maybe examine his crown too,

I_S said...

Scratch my last comment.

Steal KING'S CROWN, also, take a Guard's Helmet and Spear.

I'm also going to advertise Stick Figure Dungeon.


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