Wednesday, September 9, 2009

100 - Kill the blind man

Clearly the man with sharp, pointy blades on each hand is responsible for the deaths of everyone in this room. Especially since everyone died from stab wounds. Two to be precise. The only reasonable course of action here would be to kill the BLIND ASSASSIN himself.

Unfortunately he disappears in a cloud of smoke before you can even finish putting those thoughts together.

Man, and you thought your Acuity skill was pretty good.

You can hear the clank of metal behind you.


You turn around to find two guards gaping from the entrance to the throne room. This just isn't your day today.

Explain what happened to guards


I_S said...

Tell them there was a blind man who killed them. and show them that you have ONE SWORD, and that it is too large to make holes that small, plus, your sword isn't bloody, neither are you. And there's nothing you could have cleaned yourself or your weapon off withm

Ronald said...


Kill all witnesses. Specifically guard-like ones standing in front of you!

I_S posts most comments I would use anyway so why not tempt you to draw a bad end. ;)


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