Friday, September 25, 2009

107 - Enter room on right

You ignore the LIGHTBULB for the time being and turn your attention to the open door to the right. You peek in to find a dimly lit room, a room that would be completely dim if not for a certain light source emanating from the hallway. There are a number of WOODEN BARRELS inside, as well as two people talking. You cannot hear what they are saying, but you believe one of the people to be PROFESSOR WHIPPLESNAPPLE.



Anonymous said...

How about drinking a healing potion yourself? Didn't you just take 8 damage from the guards plus "minor damage" from your fall from the tower? If Vitality = HP then you're at something like 5/15 health...

Anonymous said...

Pretend you know Prof. Whipplesnapple and see how long you can carry on a conversation.


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