Monday, September 28, 2009


Realizing that you are still weak from your skirmish with the GUARDS earlier, you decide to heal up with one of those HEALTH POTIONS you bought earlier.

You then turn your attention to the professor.


You give a hearty hello to PROFESSOR WHIPPLESNAPPLE. Since you are still donning the DISGUISE from earlier, he does not recognize you. Your ebullient greeting, however, convinces him that you know each other, and he foolishly fumbles for a name.

Tell your name


Marie said...

assist professor whipplesnapple in remembering your name since he is of course an ally and it would b mean to let him continue to fumble.

I_S said...

Remove your disguise, and remind the man of your name.

Steven said...

CHANGE the SUBJECT so as not to invalidate the DISGUISE.

Steven said...

(also, STEAL his BOOK)


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