Friday, August 28, 2009

95 - Look out window

You look out your window to see who is disturbing you of your well deserved meal, with the intention of throwing your sandwich in his face.

As it turns out there are lots of random people screaming outside. Something big must have happened. Perhaps a rabid hippopotamus escaped from the SEWERS. You are fairly certain you saw a rabid hippopotamus back in the SEWERS. You like your hippopotamus theory and decide to investigate no further.

Rush to town square


Anonymous said...

Yell down asking what happened.

Ronald said...

Rush down to the scene! (I really just want to see you draw a hippo)

...Ok not really. But still, head down there. Preemptive action time.

I_S said...

Jump out the window, then quote Duke Nukem. Trying to look cool.

Then attempt to save the day from whatever-it-is.


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