Wednesday, August 26, 2009

94 - Make bed

Your bed is in shambles! You simply cannot leave it in such disarray, even though there are probably cleaning maids who will straighten it out once you leave. Video games never explained these things thoroughly enough; this is annoying!


Satisfied with your good deed, you decide to treat yourself with the GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH you saved from long ago. It looks mushed up from being in the moldy bag all this time, but it still looks pretty tasty, and smells divine... you stuff half of it in your mouth and share the remainder with Pookie.

Mmm... that is goo- bleh!


A cry of distress from the TOWN SQUARE outside interrupts the very delicious and not disgusting at all sandwich you were eating. How rude!

Look out window


Anonymous said...

Go see who needs help

I_S said...

Jump out the window to see what the hell's going on.

Ronald said...

Look before you leap. At least see what's going on first.

Crowstone said...

Well, look out the window?

Anonymous said...

Throw your sandwich at that rude stick figure making the cry of distress!


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