Monday, August 31, 2009

96 - Rush to town square

You decide to go outside and fend off this hippopotamus by yourself. You toy with the idea of jumping out the window, but decide that for economic reasons you should leave through the main entrance; not only will the innkeeper not charge for an extra day, but you don't have to replace a broken window.

Looks like you didn't overstay your welcome! You go on downstairs and leave without any trouble. The innkeeper bids you well, without any mention of what's going on outside (it's probably for the best).


The people outside are frantic. You try to ask what the matter is, but they can't communicate properly. Too much gesticulation, not enough explanation.

Though you suppose there's no time for explanation, with rabid hippopotami on the loose.

Rush to tower

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Ronald said...

rush to the castle!


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