Monday, August 24, 2009

93 - Go to bed

You've had enough useless banter for one night. You paid for your room, you might as well use it. You head up the stairs. Your room is the one on the left.


Man, this is the first time you get to rest since you awoke in that strange building long ago. Now that you think about it, you never did find out why you were in that building, or why you have no memory of what happened before that. Could you be suffering from amnesia? Perhaps you discovered some vital piece of information, and the enemy you are fighting erased your memory so you would no longer be a threat. And who is the enemy here anyway? Is it the king? The REBELS? Someone from one of the other kingdoms?

You have a lot to reflect upon, during this quiet moment. It will be quite difficult to go to sleep with all these thoughts spinning in your head...


Is it morning already? Time flies quickly when you're sleeping.

Make bed


I_S said...

Eat your Cheese Sandwich, as you haven't eaten anything in a day

Ronald said...

I agree, eat up. Give pookie some too. :)

Anonymous said...

Make your bed first, you slob!


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