Friday, August 21, 2009

92 - Pay fee and ask about REBELS

You pay the cordial caretaker his 50 GP, which he happily accepts, and then inquire about the REBELS and their organization.

"I don't know much about them. I heard they're trying to overthrow the King and destroy the very fabric of society, so, uh, I'm not really in favor of them. But I don't like the King very much so maybe it would be good? I shouldn't talk too loudly though or the King will behead me.

Oh! You may find this interesting: I heard from a reliable source that the REBELS' HIDEOUT is underground beneath this kingdom. Neat, huh?"

Go to bed


I_S said...

Resist the urge to facepalm, then ask about the KING's history of ruling this kingdom.

Ronald said...

Go to bed. Don't want to cause any more "discussion" while there's that guard looking person near by.


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