Wednesday, August 19, 2009

91 - Go into INN

Even though you still have (2) FLYERS to post around town square, you are far too sleepy to decide where to put them. Hell, the first one you put up was on a DRAWBRIDGE, which will go down once morning comes. Clearly, you need rest to restore your wits.

You go into the INN and are welcomed by the proprietor of the place. He informs you that it costs 50 GP to stay for one night, and that you have to leave by 8 AM sharp or else he charges for an additional night.

Man, video games never explained these things thoroughly enough.

Pay fee and ask about REBELS


I_S said...

Nod nonchalantly, hand him the money, and before you go to bed, Start a conversation with The guard, and the owner.

Ronald said...

Pay the man and start asking if they know anything about the rebels.


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