Monday, July 27, 2009

81 - Go down ladder

The foe finished, you turn around and head back to the ladder to investigate it further.


Do you really want to go down this thing? An eerie light is emitted from below, probably the cause of some GHOST or similar FIEND. It's most likely just a trap. You'll be killed if you go down.

Wait, stop! There's nothing down there...


You climb down. It's a dead end. See? I told you there was nothing down here. I bet the GHOST (who is obviously invisible) will catch you and devour you now. You had better go back up to the SEWERS. It's for the best.

Break wall with BAT

1 comment:

I_S said...

Pound the wall with your bat, to see how thick they are. and by that, I mean, attempt to break the wall


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