Wednesday, July 29, 2009

82 - Break wall with BAT

That GRAFFITI on the wall just makes you so mad! You can't stand public vandalism, and the sight of so much at once just sends you into a furious rage! You bust out your BAT and smash into the offending material.

Although, by physically destroying the wall, are you as much a vandal as those who made the graffiti in the first place? You take a brief moment to reflect on this poignant thought.


Okay! Time to go in!


Egads! It's one of those GOBLIN monsters. He seems quite startled by your entry, saying something about a "secret this" to "everybody that." He offers you 500 GP to get away from him, presumably keeping his secret for him (a secret you don't even know).

Talk to the GOBLIN


Anonymous said...

Find out the secret. Explain that you can't keep it secret if you don't know what it is.

Ronald said...

Give him a hug. :)


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