Friday, July 24, 2009

80 - Loot the beast

You're kidding, right?

It's a RAT. And a FISH. Such creatures don't carry weapons of awesome might or magic rings or even gold. What do you seriously expect to loot from the creature?


You find a, ugh... a RAT'S TAIL.

And by "find" I mean you cut it off from the RAT. Clearly, since every role playing game known to man involved a RAT'S TAIL as an item of some import, then it must have some purpose on your quest here. You stuff the appendage into your BAG.

Go down ladder


I_S said...

Head back, then press forward, forgetting all this foolishness about transforming mecha fish-rats.

Ronald said...

Hooray! Tail of rat... Not part of a witch's cauldron but whatever.

I say we go back down to that ladder from before.

Also, look! IS is back! :)


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