Friday, June 12, 2009

62 - Have him take you to DRAGON

You ask your fellow guard if he would be so kind as to lead the way to the DRAGON you are to slay. This way, if he's going to run away, he'll have to get past you first.

He sprints forward with cheerful enthusiasm.


You find the DRAGON, stading still on his hind legs with an foreboding smile on his scaly lips, as if he knew you would come and had been waiting patiently for your arrival all this time. You can't help but think that this was a trap.

Your forlorn ally faces the foe.

Tell ally to hold sword up to DRAGON


Badgerkitten said...

Trip your forlorn ally as he tries to run from the foe....

or, if it turns out he isn't so forlorn afterall...

The dragon begins to sing and dance to "Ragtime Gal"

I_S said...

Tell your ally to stab the dragon. but, when his sword is pointed to stab, push him into the dragon.

I_S said...


Ronald said...


I know how this one goes: SUMMON BEOWULF!


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