Monday, June 15, 2009

63 - Tell ally to hold sword up to DRAGON

Since your friend seems to be too terrified to move on his own free will, you order him to raise his sword towards the enemy. Perhaps a little shove is all the inspiration he needs to attack and slay the DRAGON.


Oh dear. This did not go as planned.


Your cowardly friend is now dead. And on FIRE. His armor is scorched and his skin severely burned from the flames. It is a pretty grotesque scene. It's almost enough to make you lose your lunch. Almost. But then you remember that you didn't have anything to eat today.

You should really eat something at some point.



I_S said...

ha! Place the TINDER on your ally's corpse. then summon CAMPFIRE DEMON

Ronald said...

I'm sure the dragon is more famished than I. Toss him the cheese sandwich and an offering.


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