Wednesday, June 10, 2009

61 - King's Orders

The King is pleased with your loyalty. His task for you is simple: Invade the rebel's base and kill their leader, thus destroying the entire effort and bringing some stability back to this once proud kingdom.

You protest that you do not have much skill with the sword, as you have only recently acquired it, and would like some training first to prepare yourself.

"Very well. If you desire to test your mettle before accepting such a task, you may go with one of my men and slay that DRAGON that assaulted and killed one of our own."

You do not believe that a DRAGON is a weaker foe than a REBEL LEADER, but before you can open your mouth he sends you away.


You are outside the CASTLE with Sir Cowardly Runaway.

Have him take you to DRAGON


I_S said...

Tell Sir Cowardly Runaway to go first and lead you to the dragon.

Anonymous said...

Find yourself somewhere to train before going to the dragon

Ronald said...

Maybe Sir Runaway needs something to lift his spirits. Can't train on an empty stomach.

Give Sir Runaway the cheese sandwich in your bag.


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