Monday, June 8, 2009

60 - Tell KING about your adventure

You explain everything you've been through from the beginning, excluding some of the more incriminating information (such as robbing that gentleman of his MONOCLE and TOP HAT). His Majesty is enthralled by your tale. Despite your low Alacrity rating, you're a pretty good story teller, it would seem. Either that or His Royal Highness is easily impressed with fanciful tales.

You also mention that you overheard something about REBELS earlier in your travels, and that you are willing to aid in any way you can. Since one of the KING's guards has been slain by a DRAGON, and you just so happen to have a SWORD on hand, the KING decides to enlist you in his personal army.

You have a new occupation: KING'S GUARD

King's Orders


Ronald said...

I don't think your art is becoming manga like at all. Until you start considering using big glass looking eyes, then you can worry about the manga style taking over your art. :p

This is sort of a hard one to decide on but...

Ask the king if you and a few good men can go slay the dragon.

I_S said...

Ask the king if he has anywhere for you to train, as you are too low-level to face a dragon.


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