Wednesday, May 6, 2009

46 - Ask the guard if you can enter castle

You resist the urge to backstab the fellow, as you feel you may need his help later on. Also, you don't have a proper MASK SET to create a proper disguise. You choose to engage in verbal communication instead.

But the man won't stand still to listen! He runs hurriedly into the castle!

After him! Don't let him get away!


Damn! It looks like he got away.

Accost the man in the TOP HAT


Ronald said...

Oh darn...

Well, we're inside. :)

Talk with the man wearing the nifty top hat and monocle.

By the way Pie, hope you did well on your finals. Mine are just a few weeks away. D:
Surprise! Someone read the news section!

Shana said...

Ask the guy with the monocle if you can borrow it, then steal it and go into the sewer.


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