Friday, May 1, 2009

45 - Pick up the SWORD

Yes! This SWORD is leagues better than your old, wooden BAT. And the person probably won't mind you taking it, since, you know, he's dead. You equip it and put your BAT in your BAG along with your other junk.

However, you still don't know where to go. You consult Pookie for advice, but Pookie isn't a high enough level to know how to speak! Instead, he walks off to the RIGHT, away from the bloody footprints. You follow behind.


You find the other man here, waiting for the DRAWBRIDGE to fall down so he may enter the castle. He is unaware of your presence.

Ask the guard if you can enter castle

1 comment:

Ronald said...

Oh how tempting would it be to pull a backstab right now. Perfect Spy moment. Sadly, I know better than to risk it.

Ask the guard if you can come into the castle with him.


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