Friday, May 8, 2009

47 - Accost the man in the TOP HAT

You are strangely attracted to that man in the TOP HAT and MONOCLE (in a completely platonic way, of course) and decide to go over and chat with him. He seems an amiable character, and indulges you in conversation.

"Why hello there, chap! How are you this fine day? Care to join me for some tea?"

His strong, sexy English accent astounds you; you are speechless!

Agree to have TEA with the gentleman

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Ronald said...

Speechless? Oh noes, I'm inflicted with Silence now. Can't use any spells. :(

I'm quite impressed this English fellow is so kind and even better, it looks like he plays rugby as well. Big plus in my book.

Nod "yes" to the gentleman's request and get some tea with him.


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