Wednesday, April 29, 2009

44 - Check out those guard-like people off in the distance

Oh dear. Looks like they got themselves into a sticky situation with some sort of dragon... thing. It's too far away for you to tell. You bid farewell to your new immobile friend and walk over to survey the scene.


Damn! You are too late. One of the two men already fell victim to the beast. Strange how he bit off a piece of flesh but left the rest of the body to rot there. You see two distinct sets of foot prints, one going to the left and one to the right of your current position.

Pick up the SWORD


I_S said...

Is the dragon Fire-Breathing? if so, trick it into summoning the Demon by igniting the Kindling

Anonymous said...

Ask pookie which set of footprints you should follow and listen to him/her.

Anonymous said...

Pick up that sword. You certainly could use one.


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