Monday, April 27, 2009

43 - Ask the CAMPFIRE DEMON to join you on your quest

The CAMPFIRE DEMON is touched by your invitation. He's on the brink of crying! Unfortunately he is bound by the CAMPFIRE and cannot leave the spot he is at now. And of course, while the fire is burning you have no hope of transplanting it.


The CAMPFIRE DEMON does however give you a burnt piece of CAMPFIRE KINDLE. You can probably summon the fellow to your aid if you could find a way to IGNITE it.

Check out those guard-like people off in the distance


Anonymous said...

Take the marshmallow and enter the hovel

Ronald said...

Those fellows by the castle off in the distance seem to be in quite a trouble. :o

Bid farewell to the campfire demon and go check out those guard like people off in the distance.


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