Friday, April 24, 2009

42 - Ask him to conjure up a MAP for the LABYRINTH

The CAMPFIRE DEMON happily complies with your request.

You now have a MAP!

Ask the CAMPFIRE DEMON to join you on your quest


I_S said...

Is the Demon still there? if so, ask him to join your party.

Ronald said...

Indeed. A small furry creature and a demon of camp fires. With you and your trusty bat, you will make the ultimate party. :o

I second asking the demon to join you.

Napalm said...

Yeah, the camp fire demon added to the party would be really useful. =] I third it! lawlz

Jessica said...

Ask the campfire demon to join you (although maybe we needed to use the wish for that?) and enthusiastically, if foolishly, enter the labyrinth!


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