Wednesday, April 22, 2009

41 - Surprise the foe with a hug

There is probably no way you can win this fight, so you use this brief moment to try a slightly different tactic. You run up and give the CAMPFIRE DEMON a hug.

The CAMPFIRE DEMON receives your affection warmly!

It would seem that the CAMPFIRE DEMON never wanted to fight you in the first place, and only wanted to be your friend, but is very socially awkward and didn't know how to act (he must be a Brandeis student!) Oh well. At least he didn't lob a harpoon at you.

In gratitude for your kindness, he has offered to grant you (1) HALF-WISH.

Ask him to conjure up a MAP for the LABYRINTH


Napalm said...

I have absolutely no idea what a half wish is and politely ask the Campfire Demon what it is.

Jessica said...

After asking what a half-wish is, inquire as to the history of the marshmallow. It looks rather yummy, but has been lying on the ground this whole time.

Alternatively, ask the stranger and the campfire demon to do a tribal dance around the fire in an attempt to do some sort of male-bonding (not bondage) thing and gain allies for an adventure that no doubt involves the scary cave-labyrinth thing.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really matter what a half-wish is... he is actually just testing us to see if we see the wish as half empty or half full. Tell him that the wish is half full and wink at him awkwardly, to show our optimism.

I_S said...

Ask to learn to conjure the S'MORES ingredients.

kfalana said...

Ask him to conjure a map that shows how to get through the labyrinth, from the entrance to the treasure and out. Or ask for unlimited wishes! Or world peace!


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