Monday, April 20, 2009

40 - Send out POOKIE!

Pookie leaps out with a roar and prepares to bite the CAMPFIRE DEMON. The foe takes only 3 damage but is quite shocked by your gall to attack him at all. You can use this time to attack again or run away.

The enemy has 47 Health Points (HP) left.

Surprise the foe with a hug


Anonymous said...

Give him a hug? Maybe he is misunderstood. He will like a hug I think. (take 2). And if he is readied for battle, then perhaps it will at least infatuate him or decrease his defense or something, like a more adorable screech.

Ronald said...


Continue to attack. Gang up on him with your bat while Pookie continues to fight.

I_S said...

Pee on the fire, in attempts to put it out.

Shana said...

While Pookie distracts the monster with cuteness, you should sneak hug it!


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