Friday, April 17, 2009

39 - Eat the MARSHMALLOW and throw the NOTE in the fire

Ugh! Do you even know where this has been? Besides the floor, which is probably not very clean as it is. Although it does look pretty tasty... and smells divine.


You can't eat a MARSHMALLOW like this, now can you? Everyone knows you should mix it with some bread to make a MARSHMALLOW SANDWICH, preferably with CHOCOLATE, or at least make some S'MORES. You try to conjure up some up some bread for the delicious treat, but you are unable to do so; you are too low a level!

Oooooh... an injustice like this just makes your blood boil!


You look around for something to take your anger out on. Ah! The NOTE! Without even a glance at what it says, you toss the old thing into the CAMPFIRE. Good riddance! Probably was just some prank, anyway.

The CAMPFIRE grows quite large in size.



Send out POOKIE!


Ronald said...

Send out pookie!

Pookie, use Bite!

Anonymous said...

Give him a hug? Maybe he is misunderstood. He will like a hug I think.


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