Wednesday, April 15, 2009

38 - Head over to investigate the CAMPFIRE

You thank the stranger for his assistance and walk over to the CAMPFIRE to investigate further. You see a MARSHMALLOW on a stick, uneaten though slightly singed, and a NOTE of some sort.

Eat the MARSHMALLOW and throw the NOTE in the fire


Anonymous said...

Eat the marshmallow. It seems like the only reasonable option. Throw the note in the fire. Maybe something awesome will rise from it's ashes.

thesubtleobsessionator said...

dont eat the marshmallow. it might be poisoned. throw at stranger. when he gets angry, give him the note. It will be a love note. The stranger will smile.

Guess who said...

Conjure up some bread and make some grilled cheese using the marshmallow, only it's marshmallow instead of cheese.

Ronald said...

Store the marshmallow and and read the note.

...and put out that fire. Smokey would be so disappointed.


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