Monday, March 30, 2009

32 - Chuck the ROCK at the farther man

You examine the situation, and decide that since both foes have close range weapons it would be best to attack from afar. You heave the ROCK with all your strength and toss it towards the man nearer the door.

Due to your poor strength the ROCK barely makes it halfway before plummeting to the floor.


The ROCK created a shockwave that, coupled with the building's instability, caused more pieces of ROCK to fall down from above. The two foes are dispatched of.

You gain a level! You are now level 2

Vitality: 10
Acuity: 8
Celerity: 12
Alacrity: 2

You learn the spell "Summon Doughnut"

The ground rumbles. The building will collapse shortly!

Run outside the building

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Ronald said...

Run outside the building. :o


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