Monday, February 9, 2009

28 - Make some grilled cheese and tauntingly wave it in front of his face, knowing that he has no mouth with which to eat it.

In an attempt to win the favor of this mysterious stranger, while also sticking it in his face that he doesn't have a mouth, you decide to conjure up your LEVEL 1 SANDWICH spell, which you just now realized you have. With it, you make a grilled cheese sandwich appear out of thin air, and offer it as a sign of peace.

The man considers your offer carefully. "That sandwich does look very tasty, but I'm afraid I must decline. I am watching my weight, after all."

He quickly changes the subject. "But we don't have time for sandwiches right now! I have something very important to tell you about the nature of your journey, and I only have.... one minute before the building self destructs." The strange little man utters an expletive. "In retrospect I shouldn't have had the self-destruct mechanism linked to the same mechanism that brought you here."

You now understand the nature of the alarm you've heard earlier, and which has been ringing all this time. Funny how quickly you forget about such things.

Keep a hold of the sandwich just in case anyone else wants it, and ask the man to escape the building with you

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