Monday, February 9, 2009

29 - Keep a hold of the sandwich just in case anyone else wants it, and ask the man to escape the building with you

As you store the CHEESE SANDWICH safely away in the BAG, you ask the stranger to leave the building with you. For good or for bad, he seems to know something about your purpose here, and you want to keep him close until you've scrounged up enough information to make heads or tails of the situation.

Unfortunately, he protests. "I apologize, but I must stay here for the moment, at this control panel, if your mission is to be successful. I will rejoin you soon enough, I promise. If you are indeed the CHOSEN ONE, then there is hope for us yet. Go to the first floor and leave this place before it crumbles, then head to the Labyrinth and find the TREASURE that dwells within."


He turns back to his screen, and refuses to speak further on the matter, despite your best prodding. A large segment of the ceiling crashes to your right, just missing the video panel. Or maybe it wasn't part of the ceiling, but something that fell through the ceiling. Either way you feel you must make haste in your retreat.

Check what fell through and quickly leave with it

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