Sunday, February 1, 2009

23 - Say "I know you're there" out loud

From your long experience with elevators, you know that they don't open on their own. Well, actually, in your experience you've come across many such cases. But with the siren blazing you still sense a trap. In a commanding voice you shout out "I know you're there!" in an attempt to scare the opponent off.

You hear someone shout an expletive, and step forward to meet the foe, BAT in hand.


It looks like some small insect of sorts had come in through a hole in the wall. He doesn't seem too happy to see you.

You consider whether you should try to talk to the creature, attack it, or merely ignore it.


However, before you could make your decision, the insect retreated through the hole from whence it came.

Peer into the hole that the insect hid in

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