Tuesday, February 3, 2009

24 - Peer into the hole that the insect hid in

You decide to take a peek into the hole that magically appeared on the wall moments ago. After all, the little critter seems terrified of you; what's the worse he can do? Pull out a pistol and shoot you? Yeah, like that's going to happen.

You find a plain, ordinary KEY in the hole, but you can discern nothing else of value. Taking the KEY in hand, as you put it in your BAG with the MIRROR, you remember the KEY you found earlier on in your quest, in the PIE. You wonder why you left that KEY there instead of taking it with you, and consider that you played too much Legend of Zelda as a child. Regardless, it's too late to go back and get it now, but at least you have this KEY shall you ever need one in the future.

Use MIRROR to peer further in the hole

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