Saturday, January 31, 2009

22 - Look to the other side of the hall, and observe your surroundings

You know that with the alarms still sounding strong, you have no time to waste, but you have that eerie feeling that something ominous is right behind you, and decide to turn around and take a look.

You see a sign that reads "Room of Resplendence," and a shaft in the wall below it with a GOLD BAR inside. It might be a trap, but your greed gets the best of you and you decide to take it, and you shove it in your BAG along with the MIRROR. Pookie rests on your shoulder, and you keep the BAT armed in case anyone attacks.

Suddenly, you hear a door open behind you.


The elevator door has opened, but you see nobody inside.

Say "I know you're there" out loud

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