Thursday, January 29, 2009

21 - Grab the bag and make your escape down the ladder

Fearful that some cronies will be marching in to send you packing, you quickly grab the BAG off the table without glancing inside, and quickly parade down the hole in the floor. You're surprised at your celerity while carrying a BAG, a BAT, and a MIRROR, but you manage to crawl down below without dropping anything.

Upon reaching the floor below, you turn around and find a long narrow hallway. The elevator is on the other side, as where it should be if this building were to make any sense. Pookie, who is in the center of the room, grins at your arrival; he seems to have had a gruesome battle when you threw him down, with two men dead and blood splattered everywhere. It's almost enough to make you lose your lunch. Almost. But then you remember that you didn't have anything to eat today.

Look to the other side of the hall, and observe your surroundings

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