Monday, November 16, 2009

126 - Jump off mountain

That sounds like a really terrible idea, actually. Even if you wanted to kill yourself, it would be more honorable to go the way of the warrior, fusing yourself with your weapon to make a single entity before Death sweeps you up in His clutches. Besides, there are pointy rocks down there; your death would be slow and painful.

And yet...

...something beckons you downwards.

Something feels odd. You're not quite sure what it is. Suddenly jumping seems like the only choice. You want to back out, but your legs act on their own; you stumble off and roll into the dust below.


You are pretty sure you are dead. Or something.

You've never died before so you're not quite sure what it feels like. You seem to be conscious, but incapable of movement. For the moment there is nothing you can do.

All around you is darkness.



You are a ROCK.

Your interests include ROCKING OUT and CRUSHING SCISSORS.

What will you do?

Chat with a boulder


Ronald said...

Chat with a boulder.

Steven said...


I_S said...

Try to roll forward [No rock and roll pun intended], or find some way to move.


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