Wednesday, October 28, 2009

121 - Offer food

Just because you started learning the way of the warrior doesn't mean you have to fight every enemy you find!

Surely this is a time to practice the art of diplomacy, and what better way to show your peaceful intention of coexistence than to offer some food. You use the most advanced deli technique you know to summon a HOT DOG, and gingerly hand it to the MOHAWKED DRAGOBIRD. While keeping your other hand firmly grasped on the BEGINNER'S AX, just to be safe. Because tightly holding a weapon in your hand is no sign of aggression, no sir!


The MOHAWKED DRAGOBIRD is a vegetarian!

You offend it with your offering of meat!

Well, at least this means it has no intention of eating you and, by extension, no intention of fighting you.


The DRAGOBIRD does, however, snatch your BEGINNER'S AX in its talons and fly off towards its nest.

Get your AX back


Anonymous said...

Chase it to its nest to get back your ax.

Steven said...


I_S said...

get to the nest, kick his ass, then loot the nest (and corpse)

Yevrah said...

And by "kick his ass," I_S means "offer him a donut or three instead of the offensive hotdog" and instead of "loot the nest (and corpse)" I_S means "re-gain AX and other belongings from his nest as thanks." Because DRAGOBIRDs really love donuts and what is a vegetarian bird going to do with an AX, anyway?


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