Friday, October 2, 2009

110 - Wait for REBEL LEADER to explain

There is an uneasy silence among the three of you. You decide to stay quiet for a moment and let the REBEL LEADER explain the situation in full, although it looks like he is waiting for you to apologize for interrupting the discussion earlier. At any rate, he eventually talks.

"The time has come for us to retreat from this stronghold and head towards another base that will accept us. The good professor here has informed me that the underground movement in Circk will grant us asylum for a while, so we are going to meet there. It is far too risky to travel together, as we would draw suspicion from the townsfolk as we left. We will each take a separate path, WHIPPLESNAPPLE through the PLAINS and myself across the LAKE. If you want to rendezvous with us at the kingdom you may take the path through the MOUNTAINS.

Although, I must admit that I am displeased with the current state of affairs. I know not whether you were directly involved in the KING's death or not, but the timing of your admittance into our group and the sudden death of the KING is impeccable. While I appreciate your willingness to help, and do not doubt your sincerity, I fear you may somehow jeopardize our mission. I do not care to hear your side of the story; just take cautions that such mishaps do not happen again."

Pick nose


Steven said...


(somebody here has played Quest For Glory 2, right? :-P)

I_S said...

Just nod, and when the meeting ends, take the assigned path.

Zacoftheaxes said...

Ask Rebel Leader if he has a spare pair of sunglasses for you.


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