Wednesday, August 12, 2009

88 - Explain that you've gained the king's trust

"That doesn't quite answer my question. All you're telling me is that you've spoken with the king already. May I assume you know nothing about our operations, besides what this accursed king has told you? That is fine; you shall now hear our side of the story.

"We are an underground resistance force to the kingdoms of the world. We believe that democracy is the only way to secure our individual freedoms, allowing government in the hands of the people instead of a tyrant. We believe that we are currently trapped, as if we were in a DUNGEON, and that this rebellion is our only way out.

"Our plan is a simple coup, an assassination if you will, but before we can accomplish that we need to gain the support of the public. lest our takeover reign in anarchy. We've been posting FLYERS around the streets, although we suspect the GUARDS have been removing them before the public can take notice. Meanwhile we're planning out a CONSTITUTION for our new government.

"Our operations have roots in all three kingdoms, although our strength is greatest here. Leer poses the greatest threat of all the kings, so we are focusing on him first, but once he is out of the way we will move to the Circk kingdom and take out that hedonistic bastard."


"In fact, we already have some support from Circk. A delegate by the name of PROFESSOR WHIPPLESNAPPLE has been more than willing to lend us a hand, if we can help topple the tyrant of his land in return.

"The first king to fall shall be the hardest. True, Circk may put up more defenses after Reckt falls, but the will of the people will also be stronger, and nothing is stronger than pure will of spirit."

Consent to plans


I_S said...

Agree with their political views, and tell then you'd be more-than-willing to help

Ronald said...

I feel like messing around just this once...

Pull out your sword and shield and kill off all the rebels in the room.

SOB said...

The Pen is mightier than the sword.
Win the heart of the people and no tyrant will be able to resist their will.


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