Monday, August 10, 2009

87 - Ally yourself with REBELS

You inform the REBEL LEADER that you are aware of the resistance movement, and that you are on their side in the struggle.

The REBEL LEADER smiles warmly.

"Welcome, comrade! I admit I was a tad suspicious at first, but anyone who is a friend of JIMMY COOLSHADES is a friend of mine."

He pauses for a moment, his lips stern.

"I'm curious to know how much of our operation you know about."

Explain that you've gained the king's trust


I_S said...

Tell him you have a great plan, but it involves a decapitated head that looks similar to his, and more sunglasses. Inform him that you've tricked the king into trusting you, and can enter his chambers and quickly kill him, make your escape, then return with King Leer's Head.

Ronald said...

My oh my, more head rolling action. Tell him you've already gained the kings trust and that you're capable of finishing him off.


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