Friday, July 3, 2009

71 - Inquire about man wearing SHADES

You ask the King if he is familiar with the man who wears SHADES. He gives it some thought.

"Someone who wears SHADES? Are you talking about JIMMY COOLSHADES? Man, that guy is awesome. If this kingdom were a democracy he'd probably be King. Fortunately for me this is a hereditary monarchy, else I wouldn't be here. Of course those damn REBELS want to change all that..."


"Wait! That's it! The REBEL LEADER wears sunglasses. Are you referring to him? Are you... siding with the REBELS?!"

The King leers at you with those large, leering eyes of his.

Offer to take down REBELS


I_S said...

reply "Hell no. Rebels are the worst. we should kill them all"

Ronald said...

We can always betray the king later. Oh what deception skills Fallout3 has taught me. :)

Insist that you will go against the rebels and end their rebelliousness.


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