Wednesday, July 1, 2009

70 - Return to King with DRAGON's head on a pike

You look around for a pointy stick to use as a pike, and stick the DRAGON's head on it. You now have a DRAGON'S HEAD ON A STICK. It reminds you of those HOBBY HORSES you would ride as a kid, only with a lot more blood involved.

You bid farewell to the CAMPFIRE DEMON, and return to the King to show proof of your victory.


The King is shocked that you managed to fell the mighty DRAGON, as he has sent wave after wave of men after it with no luck. He asks where your fellow soldier is, and you reply that he died during combat, but served his purpose well.

You hand over the DRAGON'S HEAD ON A STICK to one of the King's lackeys.

Inquire about man wearing SHADES


Ronald said...


Ask the king if he knows about the man wearing shades you saw earlier.

Anonymous said...

Ask for another quest


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