Friday, December 11, 2009

135 - Mumble incoherently

You mumble some incomprehensible babble.

"I suppose 'awake' isn't the most appropriate term to use at the moment."

The man turns on the lights and disengages the locking mechanism on your arms. You move your arms around, testing your newly granted freedom. You also ask about the location of your stuff, including your best friend forever Pookie.

"Your stuff is safe, but we don't have time to get to it now. I need you to get out of here, hide low for a while, and I'll get your stuff for you later."


Steven said...


I_S said...

Do what he says. lay low. Follow the 278th rule of your moral code: Always trust people in lab coats and glasses

Anonymous said...

Do we at least get one last bad end scene? Only this time, it's really the end?

Napalm said...

I also say examine the table! Also look for M&Ms :3 Hehehehehheeheeh


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