Monday, October 19, 2009

117 - Train under SALESPERSON

The cashier's face pales as it dips slightly.

"The path of the AX is not an easy one. You have much to learn, and it will take time. Great determination you must show, and if you do not deliver you will be cut from the program. Both literally and figuratively! Are you sure you want to proceed?"

Surely this is a decision that you should give great thought to before answering, weighing the benefits and the impediments to such an apprenticeship, and furthermore...

Ah hell let's just do it.


The SALESPERSON takes you outside of the CASTLE'S walls to train. He bring his own trusty AX, as well as a BEGINNER'S AX for you. He meditates for a few minutes, expecting you to do the same, before leaping up and demonstrating the basics of axplay. You nearly injure yourself, but your master is swift and majestic in his art; he teaches you well. Even though you have yet to perfect the craft, you have made much progress these past few hours.

You have a new occupation: APPRENTICE WARRIOR

The SALESPERSON lets you keep the BEGINNER'S AX for your journey, and bids you farewell.

Head to mountains


I_S said...

Thank the salesman, pay him a hundred gold for his lesson, take the BEGINNER'S AX, and head to your rendezvous.

Yevrah said...

Leave the castle area but look at the map of the labyrinth before heading over the mountains to the rendezvous.


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