Monday, August 3, 2009

84 - Examine surroundings

The only thing you can easily spot in the room is a large RUPEE on the floor. This must be the currency the GOBLIN was talking about, although in its current state it is useless to you, since GOLD is the only legal tender in these parts (perhaps that is why he was so willing to part with it). You stuff it in your BAG for now.

You consider bringing some FIRE with you to help explore the SEWERS should you return there, but you have no way of safely transporting the flames without burning something valuable or hurting yourself. Besides, it seems to be strangely bright in these parts, so a TORCH is not that necessary at the moment.

You examine the room a little further, but all you can find are the two flames. You turn around and head back through the crack in the wall you've made.


There appears to be more to the room than you initially thought.

Peek through left door


Ronald said...

Check out the door on the left. Don't open it completely, just peek inside.

Ronald said...

By the way Pie, speaking of those forums. I think it would be a great idea but possibly not at this time. You've still only got 2-3 people including myself posting suggestions and anyone else might just be skimming or lurking about. What I'm saying is, I feel there needs to be more contributions to this area before adding a forum.

Think of your web comic sites as rooms in a house. SFD is like a sofa and TV in a nice medium size living room with all the basic needs. Adding a forum is like going for a 2 story house, basement and 4 bathrooms, while still only having your sofa and TV (SFD). I guess that's a bit odd a parallel but basically it's like the number of comics (furniture) should match the number of sites dedicated to them (rooms).

All said and done, if you think it's time for a forum though then by all means go for it.


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