Friday, June 26, 2009

68 - Keep up the attack

You continue attacking the DRAGON in tandem with the CAMPFIRE DEMON and Pookie. Eventually he falls. That wasn't so bad! The CAMPFIRE DEMON took the brunt of the damage, and is looking pretty tired, but Pookie and you are still strong.

You can even see the sunset in the distance. What a beatific sight to signal the end a rough battle, an evil slain.

You gain a level! You are now level 3

Vitality: 15
Acuity: 12
Celerity: 16
Alacrity: 3

You learn the spell "Summon Hot Dog"



Ronald said...

To be honest Pie, you had me going.

Hand the campfire demon a health potion.

I_S said...

Me too.

Hand the demon some health potion and go report back to the king.

Ronald said...

Nono, you loot the dragon first silly. :U


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