Monday, June 22, 2009

66 - Continue

While you contemplate your next move, the DRAGON unleashes another putrid blast of fiery breath. The CAMPFIRE DEMON is quite surprised by the assault. If only he had listened to you earlier, this may have been avoided. Unfortunately, now you are bereft of another ally, leaving you victim to the DRAGON's fury.


Wait. What?

Oh. Right. He's a CAMPFIRE DEMON, born of fire. The DRAGON's flames only embolden and strengthen him. So he's not actually dead. This is a pleasant turn of events.


The CAMPFIRE DEMON responds with a swift punch to the foe's face, dealing 10 points of damage. The DRAGON's health has been reduced to 90.

Attack DRAGON from behind with Pookie


Ronald said...


Maybe you're just trying to get our hopes up...

Attack the dragon from behind with pookie!

I_S said...

Allow the demon to keep pummeling the dragon. then attack from behind with your sword. and have pookie attack from the side.


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